Can I earn for free?
Yes, you do not have to pay to earn commissions from referrals.

Can I click on more than 25 email ads a day?
Yes! A limit of 25 email ads a day will be SENT to your email box, if you have your account set to receive them. But you can login and go to "Your Tools" and click "Email Ads Inbox". You can gain more credits and get bonus credits.

Do I have to receive email ads to my own email box?

If there is a limit, how does it go to all members?
Everyone won't be emailing every single day, so it won't be taking from their limit. Plus they are clicked in the Email Ads Inbox

What can I do with my credits if I don't need them (if upgraded to ULTRA)?
You can send them to your signups! :)

Why is there no option for html email ads?
It's a great way to get your email ad sent to a junk folder more frequently.

How do I delete my account?
Scroll down the page under the member menu - there is a link there that is: "Remove Account?"